Do we NEED a Han Solo film?

Han Solo has accomplished everything you need in a hero character. He starred in four films already helping save the galaxy, meets the love of his life, and has a child (or two, looking at you Rey) with her and then ultimately meets his demise when his son kills him. He does it all in these films. If they cast  as the love interest for Han and not Lando it’ll completely tarnish what he Emilia Clarke and Leia have. The “I love you. I know.” speech will mean nothing because now they want to shove a past love into the mythos of Star Wars. It just doesn’t seem necessary. 

What more can you say about Han Solo? “What if we show how him and Chewie became partners? Or what if we show what happened between Han and Lando”? There’s no need for that. Those stories can simply be told in Han Solos eulogy in “The Last Jedi”. There’s plenty of other characters that are more interesting than someone we already know everything about. 

Boba Fett is one of the most popular characters in Star Wars even though he only has a few scenes in the entire trilogy. Boba Fett could have his own film following him becoming a bounty hunter or in a Suicide Squad type film (except good) with him joining up with a few other bounty hunters that didn’t get screen time like IG-88, Bossk, or even Greedo. There’s so little shown of Boba Fett but still he stands as one of the coolest Star Wars characters of all time. Say what you want about the prequel trilogy, but when Jango Fett was beheaded and young Boba picked up his father’s head and rested his head against it, that was a powerful and small tease to why Boba is a bounty hunter like his father. We absolutely need more of that.

Yoda is another character who is more deserving and a more interesting choice to have a solo movie than a solo Han Solo. Yoda died of old age. Even in “The Phantom Menace” he was and old man walking with support from a cane and after his battle with Dooku, showed signs of being tired and put of breathe. Where was Yoda before this? Where did his journey begin? Why not show that story or about him training with a young Qui-Gon? 

I may be wrong about everything and this movie could potentially blow me away and make me eat my words because that’s Star Wars. I hope they dish out a new Star Wars film/spin-off every year until I die and long after that. Star Wars is the spine of pop-culture. It’s at the top of the of that family tree and no matter which movies don’t meet the expectations of fans there will still be the original trilogy on your shelf that you can always turn to and never be let down. And no one will read this anyway so it does it matter what I say.