Is this the right look for Domino?

The fist image of Domino from Deadpool 2 was released today and I have to say I’m quite disappointed. That being said here’s my reason. I’m 100% perfectly fine with changing the gender, nationality, or sexual orientation of any and all characters in comics. In the early days of comics there were very few black characters and if there were the character usually had the word “black” in their name. So making characters that maybe should have been black to begin with or simply just changing things up for equality is a must in this world.

When Nick Fury was changed from a white man to an African American man I thought that was a wonderful choice and it really benefited the character. As much as everyone hated the 2015 Fantastic Four movie, I thought changing Johnny Storm to a black man actually worked out well. It doesn’t matter what color a persons skin is as long as the the character as the actor gives their best performance they think suits that character.

This version of Domino doesn’t look like a black actress is taking on the role, it looks like the “black version” of a character someone made fan art for. She looks like a 70s Bond villain and it worries me that they might go as far as give her a hard stereotypical accent like Beyonce from Austin Powers with lines like “jive turkey” when Zazie Beetz was cast as Domino it didn’t bother me or worry me at all until this image came out. 

 Spider-Man: Homecoming did it right with the Michelle character. Mary-Jane is one of the most iconic female characters in comics and then choosing to make her a black woman was the best approach they could have made. In the movie MJ is a nerd who’s smarter than Peter and doesn’t support monuments made by slaves and protests the government THAT’S black women of today. Not just an affro and “I’m the opposite of white”

I’m sure Zazie Beetz will give a great performance and I’m sure Deadpool 2 will be as good if not better than the first one. This has nothing to do with me being racist or not being okay with what character has which color. It’s the overall look of the character that bothers me that gives the impression of trying to be the exact opposite of something.