Injustice 2 Review

Injustice 2 was one of the most highly anticipated games of 2017. There’s not many side scrolling fighting games anymore that really are any different than the rest. Injustice 2 changes that in a big bad way by keeping the same fighting style, and also adding some deep cut characters like Swamp Thing and Doctor Fate. 

The mechanics are just as great as the first game and the customization is truly next-level entertainment. I’ve been playing a good amount since the release of the game and when I play online I still find  new customization items on characters every time. It brings tons of individuality for players to express themselves. One character in particular that got a lot of love is Green Lantern. He has shaders to change his color of his suit and even his constructs, and if that wasn’t enough for you they also threw in the symbols of every other Lantern Corps to replace the Green Lantern Corps symbol so you could match your color. I’m disappointed in the White and Black Lantern shaders and constructs however. The White Lantern suit is mostly blue for some odd reason even though it’s nothing like that in the comics and the Black Lantern contructs are almost white to might as well keep the White Lantern shader. 

Another thing that is a little disappointing is that not everyone has the best shaders at all. Cheetah and Swamp Thing are an example. They have mostly browns or an ugly light pink it’s really distracting and quite ugly. I think everyone should have the same amount of shaders with the same colors. If someone wants to be a red or green Captain Cold then they should be. But instead Batman and Superman get the best variety. The game also introduced “Multiverse” which in a way is like most phone games where certain levels are timed and if you miss out on them then they’re gone until who knows when. The good thing about the Multiverse is that they’re about 6 or 7 of them with a series of levels to complete and when accomplished they award you with items for whoever the challenge was for. I actually find myself playing Multiverse more than I’ve ever played online.

Online multiplayer is just filled with players who prefer to spam moves just to get their ranks up and show almost no interest in playing the game for fun, but that’s online for every game. Ranked is a place where you’ll find terrible spam players but that has nothing to do with the developers. “Player Matches” are where you’ll find a ton of lobbies and players just looking for fun competitive gaming.

Main issue with this game is the actual story. The games graphics are great and very realistic, but the faces that were chosen for them are just hideous. This is the first time I’ve ever seen an unattractive Bruce Wayne. Black Canary looks exactly like Kaley Cuoco who plays “Penny” on the Big Bang Theory. GOOGLE IT and tell me I’m wrong. Just like in the first Injustice where Lex Luthor looked exactly like Bruce Willis, it was insanely distracting. 

The story follows Batman and Superman reuniting to defeat the ultimate threat that is Braniac. This caught me by surprise because the universe with the murderous Superman I guess is the main universe for Injustice. I thought this was more of an earth 2 kind of world and the universe with the not so murderous Superman would be the main Injustice world. Any time you read a comic book where they head to another world it’s always the main character who goes evil and then at the end it’s back to normal with your hero saving the day and putting the evil one away. So already I was not interested in the story and as it progressed I was wondering how characters like Green Lantern or The Flash would be a part of this story and WHY IS GREEN ARROW A PART OF THIS UNIVERSE! They took him of all heroes but nobody else. Why did they even need him. They went so far into taking him from another universe instead of I don’t know maybe SUPERMAN! Anyways another issue is all it takes for the gang to get back together is an “I’m sorry I was an accomplice to murder of millions and a 10 year old.” and all is forgiven. 

This story had a great concept and a great roster to go a long with it, but it was so poorly executed it ultimately affected the the way you see these characters. The first games story made the biggest impact and when I played that story for the first time and that opening scene ended my jaw dropped so hard I got rug-burn on my chin. This game is not bad though at all its just the story that lacks in areas but it is a good game. I give the story a 6/10 and the rest of the game like gameplay, multiverse, customisation a solid 9/10. I’m still playing this game and will continue to play this game for a long time. 


Rings Review

In 2002 The Ring introduced one of the most iconic faces in horror today. Even if you’ve never seen this film, you instantly recognize Samara the little ghost girl with bad hair who comes out of your TV and kills you after 7 days if you’ve watched her video tape. It introduced a new kind of suspense. Seeing her crawl out of that well and then take what feels like another 7 days to get to her victim was intense and kept you watching.

Rings however just did not bring any of that back to the table. The opening scene was a mess and took me out of the movie right away. We get a nervous man sitting next to a woman on a plane. They introduce themselves right away and out of nowhere he tells her that he’s scared about a video tape he watched and supposedly a girl kills you after 7 days and how he has to just stay alive for the next 10 minutes. Okay not something you should tell a complete stranger on a plane. She gets up and talks to her friend about how “the hot guy is freaking out about a killer video tape”. The friend immediately runs over to him and asks him if he made a copy for someone else to watch and he replies with “no” and she already knows its too late and everyone on the plane is going to die. What bothers me the most about this opening is how sudden everything happens and it felt like something you would tell for a campfire story. What are the odds that someone else on the same plane knew about the tape? Gabriel (Johnny Galecki) is my favorite character in this film and also the one with the most interesting story. Gabriel finds the tape at a flea market, watches it, and then Samara calls him to confirm his appointment. He then has cryptic visions after the call which I thought was a nice touch and should have been used in the previous two films. Gabriel is a college teacher and after watching the tape tries to prove the existence of spirits by studying Samara and the tape, but also showing it to his students which he has a whole formula for which is something we’ve never seen and they barely show us anything about it at all. Photos of students with warped faces, monitors of time left until death for everyone who watches the tape. Instead of focusing on that story  they chose to focus on Julia a character that didn’t really need to be a part of the film at all. Julia inserts herself into trouble when its not necessary. Watching the tape to protect her boyfriend and then her boyfriend having to protect her puts them in the same situation to begin with. Julia has nightmares of Samara before she even watches the tape and apparently is the chosen one who is supposed to solve the mystery behind Samara. I remember The Ring Two and Samara being locked away for good in the well which lead to a happy ending. Its unclear and unexplained how she’s back and haunting again. Gabriel exits the film and leaves his research to Julia and Holt when he really doesn’t need to leave at all. This film is cluttered and it felt like the filmmakers didn’t know which direction to go with. Although the story is a mess I really enjoyed the special effects. Seeing Samara come out of a TV that was face down looked amazing. This was an okay film, but instead of focusing on a new compelling story, it chose to release a film that felt more like a failed homage to the previous films rather than focus on the new elements that could have been a great new take on an iconic story for a new generation to enjoy as well as original fans to fall back in love with.